What are the quick fixes if I'm having issues?!?
  • Restart your web browser and only use one open tab. This will fix many issues.

  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date with the latest release.

  • We STRONGLY recommend using Google Chrome as your browser or browser app. You can download it here: Download Google Chrome

My video is stuttering and stalling!
  • Check that your download speed is greater than the recommendations (1.5 Mbps - SD, 4 Mbps - HQ, 8 Mbps - HD).

    Test your internet download speed here: Internet Download Speed Test

    These tests work by checking your "instant" download speed. However, your download speed WILL fluctuate over time.

  • If you are on wifi, switch to hard wire connection, or get very close to the wifi router.

  • Disconnect all other devices from the network (especially gaming systems and phones).

  • If none of the previous suggestions work, restart all of your network devices (modem, router, switch).

My audio isn't working or is going in and out!
  • This happens when your internet is having issues and the audio gets "out-of-sync".

  • Refreshing your browser sometimes fixes it, but often the browser needs to be restarted COMPLETELY!

  • This problem is a known bug with ALL Apple devices when live streaming.

Can I share my login with someone else?
  • No. You can only be logged in on one device at a time. Other logins will be logged out automatically.

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